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- Michelle Crumm, CFP®, CPA, MBA

"Financial planning is about understanding your unique narrative and carving a path towards your aspirations."

Plans & Pricing

We're here for you, not just once, but as loyal companions throughout your life. We tailor financial planning to you, and for ongoing engagements, we provide you with regular insights and action plans, ensuring your finances stay aligned with your evolving dreams.


Here is what you can expect as an ongoing client:

  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Keeping your investments on the right track to ensure they continue serving your goals.

  • Semiannual Friendly Chats: Casual yet insightful discussions every six months to review and adjust your financial pathway.

  • Annual Financial Check-Up: A yearly comprehensive review to keep your financial plan fresh and in tune with your life.


​After your meetings with us, you'll receive a list of action steps to keep your financial life on a desirable course. And whenever the winds change, we'll be there to provide you with a new path forward.

We're always here for you.

Content woman playing with her children, having secured their financial future with a subscription financial planner, embodying a holistic approach to financial planning.

We're not just about numbers; we're about life. We're here to ensure every aspect of your financial life is well-tended.


That's why comprehensive financial planning with Belle Eve Financial encompasses a broad spectrum of financial planning realms, ensuring a holistic approach to nurturing your financial wellness:

  • Retirement Planning: Crafting a vision for a comfortable and secure retirement.

  • College Savings: Preparing for your child’s educational aspirations.

  • Cash Flow and Debt Management: Strategizing for a financially balanced lifestyle.

  • Investment Strategies: Amplifying your financial security and paving the way for a prosperous future.

  • Work Benefits Optimization: Making the most of your employment benefits.

  • Estate and Incapacity Planning: Ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

  • Insurance Review: Assessing your insurance needs to provide a safety net for life’s unexpected events.

You deserve holistic financial planning.

Joyful woman finding peace with a subscription fee only financial planner near her, taking the first step towards holistic wealth planning at Belle Eve Financial.
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Typically, fee based financial advisors charge a percentage of your investments or assets under management (AUM) as their fee. The average fee ranges from .5% for AUM over $1 million to 2% of AUM under $1 million per year.


Unlike traditional financial advisors who might have a fee structure that includes commissions or fees based on how much money you have, we've embraced a transparent fee-only pricing model that's as thoughtful and personalized as the financial advice we provide.

With Belle Eve Financial, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining an objective financial confidante who is as invested in your financial success as you are.

Finally, fixed pricing for financial planning.

With a clear plan in place, embrace the confidence that comes with financial clarity, knowing Michelle will be there for guidance and support as your goals and needs evolve over time with regular check-ins and reviews.

Step 3: Enjoy greater financial confidence

Step three of Belle Eve Financial's process showcasing ongoing support and periodic reviews, ensuring your financial plan aligns with evolving goals through either a subscription or hourly financial planner.
Step two of Belle Eve Financial's process, illustrating the comprehensive financial analysis and strategy development, epitomizing the holistic approach to financial planning.

Begin with a relaxed, no-obligation conversation about your financial life with Michelle, where your financial goals and aspirations take center stage.

Step 1: Chat with Michelle

Step one of Belle Eve Financial's process displaying a detailed consultation with a subscription or hourly fee only financial planner, setting the foundation for a holistic wealth planning journey.

Three easy steps towards financial empowerment.

Michelle will help organize your finances and will craft a tailored financial plan that resonates with your goals, eliminating any financial jargon to keep things clear and accessible.

Step 2: Create your financial vision

Annual Flat Fee $3000 (paid monthly)

$1200 Setup Fee for New Clients


✓  Written Financial Plan (included)

✓  Financial Goal Planning

✓  F.I.R.E. (Retire Early Plan)

✓  Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting

✓  Debt Management

✓  Financial Help As You Need It

✓  Investment Strategy for Building Wealth

Net Worth: Less than $1M

Limited Resources

Limited Financial Literacy

Perfect if you have:

"How do I get started?"

Starting Out:

Foundation Building

Annual Flat Fee $5400 (paid monthly)

$1200 Setup Fee for New Clients

✓  Written Financial Plan (included)

✓  Financial Goal Planning

✓  F.I.R.E. (Retire Early Plan)

✓  Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting

✓  Debt Management

✓  Financial Help As You Need It

✓  Investment Risk Tolerance

✓  Education/College Funding

✓  Insurance Review and Risk Management

✓  Wealth Planning (Savings and Retirement)

✓  Estate Planning 

✓  Tax Planning Strategies

✓  Investment Analysis Guidance Only 


Net Worth: Over $1M

Saving and Investment Accounts
An Established Career

Perfect if you have:

"How do I stay on track?"


Growth and Accumulation

Ribbon showing Belle Eve Financial's most popular financial planning subscription, the growth and accumulation plan

Annual Flat Fee $6000*

$1200 Setup Fee for New Clients

✓  Written Financial Plan (included)

✓  Financial Goal Planning

✓  F.I.R.E. (Retire Early Plan)

✓  Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting

✓  Debt Management

✓  Financial Help As You Need It

✓  Investment Risk Tolerance

✓  Education/College Funding

✓  Insurance Review and Risk Management

✓  Wealth Planning (Savings and Retirement)

✓  Estate Planning 

✓  Tax Planning Strategies

✓  Charitable Giving/Legacy

✓  Investment Analysis and Rebalancing with Schwab*


Perfect if you have:

Net Worth: Over $1M

Likely a Pre-Retiree
 Beginning - Retiree

"How do I retire and leave a legacy?"


Preservation and Legacy

*Fees for households that have a Net Worth in excess of $1 million are charged an additional fee of $3000 for each $1 million over the initial $1 million up to $9000. Custody at Schwab. Fees paid monthly in arrears and can be paid from Schwab account. 

With three ways to work with us, there's an option no matter your stage in life

Three ways to work with Belle Eve Financial

Holistic Financial Planning

Accessibility to Advisor

Education and Empowerment


Fiduciary Duty

Fee Structure

Comprehensive Approach

Direct Access to CFP® Professional

High (Educating Clients is a Priority)

No Ties to Product Providers

Yes (Client's Interest First)

Transparent, Direct from Clients

Belle Eve Financial

May Focus on Product Sales

May be Routed Through Call Centers

Low (Focus on Investments)

Tied to Product Providers

Potential for Conflict

Commissions, Hidden Fees

Traditional Financial Firms

We are the clear choice to be your financial partner.

Our fee-only, fiduciary, and independent model significantly distinguishes us from traditional financial advisory firms, ensuring that every piece of advice you receive is unbiased and tailored to your goals.

A simple conversation could be the key to unlocking a future where you…

✓ Enjoy the empowerment of finally being on top of your finances,

✓ Celebrate life's milestones without financial worry, and

✓ Feel the joy of financial security and freedom.

Take the first step with us by your side.

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