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- Michelle Crumm, CFP®, CPA, MBA

"Balancing life's priorities can be a tightrope walk, but a CFP® financial planner can provide a steady hand, guiding you through each financial decision, ensuring a balanced and prosperous journey ahead."

Financial Planning for Women Balancing Life's Priorities

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Seeking a more personalized and empathetic approach, Amanda reached out to a CFP® financial planner who specializes in working with women like herself. Here’s how her financial planner helped realign Amanda's financial trajectory:

  • Personalized Financial Assessment: She conducted a thorough review of Amanda's financial situation, understanding her goals and current financial standings.

  • Education Planning: She developed a structured savings plan for her children’s education, ensuring future tuition fees wouldn't be a burden.

  • Home Purchase Planning: She laid out a strategy to save for a down payment for a bigger home while managing current household expenses.

  • Retirement Planning: She optimized her retirement savings plan to ensure a comfortable post-retirement life.

  • Investment Portfolio Rebalancing: She rebalanced Amanda’s investment portfolio to align with her long-term financial goals and risk tolerance.

With her financial planner's expertise, Amanda started witnessing transformative outcomes:

  • Financial Control: A well-structured financial plan that provided clarity and a sense of control over her financial future.

  • On-track Education Savings: A growing education fund that promised a good education for her children.

  • Home Ownership Pathway: On track to purchasing a bigger home, with a clear pathway laid out to achieve this major life goal.


Amanda's journey reflects the pivotal role a compassionate and expert financial advisor plays in harmonizing life’s demands with financial aspirations, ensuring that dreams for family and future remain well within reach.

Hiring a CFP® financial planner

Note: We protect our clients’ personal information. This hypothetical case study does not involve an actual Belle Eve Financial client. No portion of this content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Belle Eve Financial is engaged to provide investment advisory or financial planning services.

Meet Amanda, a 35-year-old marketing manager residing in Brighton, MI. With a bustling career and a family of four, her life is a beautiful whirlwind of work deadlines and soccer practices. Amanda aspires to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her family while securing their financial future.

Amanda's ambitions are grounded in love and foresight:

  • Purchasing a bigger home to accommodate her growing family.

  • Saving for her children’s college education.

  • Building a robust retirement nest egg.

Amidst the daily hustle, Amanda finds it challenging to effectively manage her finances. The demands of her job and family leave little time for financial planning, leading to neglected savings and unattended investment accounts.

Amanda tried using automated financial management apps, but they lacked the personal touch and understanding of her unique family and financial situation. She also consulted a financial advisor once but felt they were more focused on upselling products than understanding her goals.

Amanda's Story

A smiling woman finding balance in her financial journey with a CFP financial planner's family-focused financial services.

A simple conversation could be the key to unlocking a future where you…

✓ Enjoy the empowerment of finally being on top of your finances,

✓ Celebrate life's milestones without financial worry, and

✓ Feel the joy of financial security and freedom.

Take the first step with us by your side.

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