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- Michelle Crumm, CFP®, CPA, MBA

"As a financial planner, my passion is to enlighten and empower those eager to learn. Let’s demystify finance together, turning knowledge into your greatest financial asset."

Who We Help

Living in Retirement

Retired woman enjoying her golden years, with her financial serenity ensured by prudent wealth management for women provided by a certified financial planner

Approaching Retirement

Pre-retiree woman meticulously planning her retirement investments with a certified financial planner advisor, ensuring a secure and enjoyable retirement ahead

Wealth Accumulation

Mid-career woman confidently exploring wealth management options for women, with personalized guidance from a Certified Financial Planner to grow her assets

Balancing Priorities

Resilient woman juggling family and career, seeking women's financial advice from a CFP financial planner to strike a balance and ensure financial security

Financial Foundation

Young professional woman reviewing her investment portfolio, embarking on her journey of financial literacy and independence with guidance from a certified financial planner

We help women no matter their stage in life—from young adults laying the foundation of their financial future, to families balancing myriad priorities, and retirees seeking a secure and fulfilling retirement. Through every phase, our guidance provides a beacon of financial clarity and empowerment.

We help women at every stage in life.

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Building a Financial Foundation

During this stage, it's crucial to lay the groundwork for your future financial and educational plans.


While your income might be limited, time is your ally. Setting clear financial goals and adhering to them will significantly impact your future wealth. Invest in yourself and establish a consistent savings plan.


Given the luxury of time, consider allocating a larger portion of your investments to growth-oriented options like equity funds, balanced funds, and personal pension plans.


Focus on reducing debt and living within your means to avoid financial strain.

"Buy the Starbucks stock not the coffee"

Driven young professional woman discussing her financial goals with a certified financial planner, securing a path of wise investing and financial growth

Discover Aisha's story, a young engineer with big financial goals, and see how the right guidance helped her navigate the path to financial independence.

Aisha's Story:

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Dive into Amy's story, an ambitious entrepreneur, as she navigates the financial hurdles of expanding her business while preserving her personal financial stability.

Amy's Story:

Mid-career woman engaged in a financial discussion with a certified financial planner, crafting a tailored investment strategy to meet her evolving financial needs.

Wealth Accumulation

During this stage, the focus shifts from spending to saving and investing.


As your children grow and home ownership balances become more manageable, expenses decrease.


Capitalize on this period by increasing your retirement contributions, aiming for 15% to 20% of your income.

Climb mountains on vacations, not mountains of debt

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Embark on a journey with Sophia, a spirited entrepreneur, as she navigates the complex realm of financial stability, business growth, and securing a comfortable future for her family.

Sophia's Story:

Pre-retiree woman envisioning her retirement, backed by a sound investment strategy devised with the expertise of a certified financial planner

This phase marks the pinnacle of your career and impending retirement.


Evaluate your pension and retirement income against expected expenses.


Identifying shortfalls and making adjustments is essential for a smoother retirement transition.


Consider reducing portfolio risk by favoring interest-bearing investments such as Savings Plans and Guaranteed Personal Pension Plans.

Get off work treadmill and run along yellow brick road

Approaching Retirement

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Uncover Amanda's journey, a dedicated mother and career woman, as she balances life's demands while striving for financial security and prosperity.

Amanda's Story:

Empowered woman balancing life's priorities with ease, thanks to the personalized financial advice from a CFP financial planner ensuring her financial stability

FIRE $1M by age 40

Balancing Priorities

These years are often characterized by significant expenses like homeownership and family responsibilities, which can strain your finances.


Assess your responsibilities and ensure they align with your financial goals. Don't halt your savings and investment efforts.


Emergency savings will prove invaluable for unforeseen family emergencies, and investments will secure your future.

A simple conversation could be the key to unlocking a future where you…

✓ Enjoy the empowerment of finally being on top of your finances,

✓ Celebrate life's milestones without financial worry, and

✓ Feel the joy of financial security and freedom.

Take the first step with us by your side.

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Discover Grace's journey as she navigates the financial challenges of retirement, striving to secure a comfortable lifestyle that supports her love for travel and community service.

Grace's Story:

Joyful retired woman reflecting on her wise investment decisions made with a certified financial planner, which now allow her to relish her retirement with financial ease.

The key challenge for retirees is securing a steady income in retirement, which becomes easier if you've diligently saved.

Explore options like the Income Drawdown Plan for a fixed monthly income while preserving your lump sum.

Additionally, consider depositing investment proceeds into a flexible Savings Plan account, providing monthly interest and easy access to your funds.

With financial matters in order, focus on enjoying a fulfilling retirement.

Golden years, living dreams

Living in Retirement

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