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- Michelle Crumm, CFP®, CPA, MBA

"In your golden years, every moment is precious; a CFP® financial planner can be here to ensure your finances are structured to provide the tranquility and freedom you deserve, making every day a chapter in the fulfilling retirement story you've earned."

Financial Planning For Retired Women

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Hiring a CFP® financial planner

Seeking a change, Grace turned to a CFP® financial planner who specialized in helping women like herself. Here’s how her financial planner assisted Grace:

  • Personalized Retirement Planning: Crafted a retirement income strategy aligned with Grace's spending wishes and longevity concerns.

  • Investment Management: Rebalanced Grace’s investment portfolio to a more conservative stance, reducing volatility while maintaining growth potential.

  • Healthcare Financial Planning: Created a financial safety net for potential healthcare expenses, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Travel Budget Planning: Set up a separate fund for Grace’s love for travel, allowing her to explore the world without financial anxiety.

With her financial planner's empathetic and personalized financial planning, Grace experienced:

  • Financial Serenity: Peace of mind knowing her finances were well-managed, allowing her to focus on enjoying her retirement.

  • Unhindered Travel Experiences: Embarked on two international trips within the first year without any financial worry.

  • Preparedness for Health Expenditures: Confidence in her financial cushion to cover unexpected healthcare costs, reducing stress and promoting a joyful retirement.


Grace's story highlights the essence of personalized financial planning that empowers retirees to relish their golden years with financial security and unbounded joy.

Note: We protect our clients’ personal information. This hypothetical case study does not involve an actual Belle Eve Financial client. No portion of this content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Belle Eve Financial is engaged to provide investment advisory or financial planning services.

Grace is a 62-year-old retiree living in Ann Arbor, who enjoyed a fulfilling career as a university lecturer. Although frugal and consistent in her saving habits throughout her working years, she now faces the reality of managing her finances to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Passionate about traveling and fitness, Grace is tech-savvy and enjoys staying connected with her former colleagues and students online.

Grace had always envisioned her retirement years to be filled with travel adventures and community volunteering without financial worry. Her primary goals included:

  • Ensuring a steady income throughout retirement.

  • Being able to afford spontaneous travels.

  • Having a financial cushion for unexpected health expenses.

Though Grace had saved diligently, the fear of outliving her savings haunted her, making her hesitant to spend on the things she loved. Moreover, she lacked the confidence in managing her investments to ensure a steady income throughout her golden years.

Grace initially tried managing her finances on her own using various online tools. However, the overwhelming amount of financial advice available online left her more confused. She then consulted with a local financial advisor but felt the advice wasn't tailored to her individual needs and lacked a personal touch.

Grace's Story

A smiling woman relishing a secure retirement, thanks to a CFP financial planner's holistic retirement planning.

A simple conversation could be the key to unlocking a future where you…

✓ Enjoy the empowerment of finally being on top of your finances,

✓ Celebrate life's milestones without financial worry, and

✓ Feel the joy of financial security and freedom.

Take the first step with us by your side.

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